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We empower our employees to build rewarding careers at Biogen. We foster a culture of learning that inspires employees to reach higher and take initiative.

Bryony Maitra, Patient Services

Our Stories

Our Stories

George Scangos Former Biogen CEO

"Curiosity is a critical component of leadership. As leaders, we constantly need to be learning about the business, the world around us and ourselves."

Our philosophy

We hire highly motivated people with the expectation that they will seek out growth opportunities. These opportunities will come on the job through our training portal, Biogen University and via internal and external professional networks. When an employee takes initiative or demonstrates new skills, our leaders take notice.

We want you to work fearlessly: to have the courage to speak up, step up and lead. By reaching your potential, you will help us achieve success in delivering to our patients.

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Career & development planning

Each employee works with their manager to create a development plan that drives their professional growth. This development plan helps the employee prioritize experiences that build their knowledge, skills and abilities. We provide tools and resources to support this dynamic process.

Biogen aligns its business strategy with capability needs. We conduct annual assessments of employee's potential to ensure that we have a strong pipeline of talent to match our future growth.

Accelerated development

Managers can nominate high-potential employees for accelerated development programs where cohorts engage in workshops, simulations, and team projects. Through these programs, participants hone their management and leadership skills, preparing them to lead Biogen into the future.

Internal mobility

We believe in growing our organization organically from within. We encourage employees to apply their capabilities and skills to new roles and different areas of business. Whether lateral or vertical, a shift of focus provides new opportunities to stretch and grow. We encourage our employees to seek out colleagues who possess skills and knowledge in areas where they want to excel.

Internal networks

Employee Resource Networks (ERNs) and communities of practice are internal groups for employees of shared characteristics, life experiences and interests. These networks provide opportunities to share knowledge, find mentors, and receive support – which can be invaluable resources for career development.

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